In preclinical tests VANADIS reduced reperfusion damage in the kidneys significantly in cases of acute renal failure.

Acute renal failure application

Acute kidney failure is caused by an inflammatory process in the kidney that can lead to loss of kidney function. Acute renal failure affects about 2 million patients annually in Europe, the USA and Japan, from which about 700,000 patients die.

The most common cause of acute renal failure in intensive – care patients is an inflammatory process that can lead to an acute tubule necrosis and loss of kidney function. which in general will be caused by renal ischemia ( hypotension, sepsis ), and toxic causes ( drugs or contrast medium) or a combination of both.

Acute renal failure is experienced in no less than 4% of hospital admissions and 40% of the intensive-care (mostly trauma) admissions. Depending on the severity and cause of the kidney damage, the percentage of deaths varies from 10% to 70%.

A preclinical study has demonstrated that the use of VANADIS® in acute renal failure, reduces reperfusion damage in the kidneys significantly.