CFM's ground-breaking drug VANADIS offers a fundamental protective mechanism for damaged tissue.

The compound

The compound Vanadium BMOV (bis-maltolato-oxo-vanadium) is an organic compound.


Effect of VANADIS on cells

VANADIS has an effective protective mechanism that helps to keep traumatized (but still) healthy cells alive and that stimulates repair of damaged tissue. Preclinical research results have demonstrated this positive effect for multiple trauma indications.

Application area’s of VANADIS

CFM Pharma has a number of important applications of VANADIS under development:

  • Treatment of patients with heart attack. Pre-clinical tests have shown that the size of the infarction can be limited significantly.
  • Treatment of burns. Pre-clinical research shows that the affected tissue regenerates better and that up to 90% reduction in tissue damage can be achieved.
  • Treatment of acute renal failure. A pre-clinical study has shown that VANADIS® can limit reperfusion injury in kidneys during acute renal failure.

Given the broad applicability of VANADIS in trauma conditions, more indications are expected to be developed in the future, such as treatment of brain infarcts (stroke).

VANADIS can be used safely

It is known that some vanadium compounds can be toxic with prolonged use and high doses.

The organic form BMOV (VANADIS), has been shown to be safe and well tolerated in the concentrations applied.

The studies performed with volunteers have shown that for the applied doses, BMOV is safe for further drug development in traumatic conditions such as myocardial infarctions.