CFM Pharma Holding has a management team with extensive experience in life science and the development of medicines.

  • Drs. Ing. Lekhram Changoer – Chief Executive Officer and Board Director

    Lekhram Changoer (MSc Organic Chemistry, BSc Analytical/Organic Chemistry) is co-founder of CFM Pharma. He has co-founded several intellectual property based pharmaceutical companies’ different stages from clinical development to global sales of registered products.
    Already during the early stages in his career, he built his knowledge and experience in initiating clinical trials and R&D processes, product development, defining business plans, fundraising and building his network of relations within the pharmaceutical industry, CRO’s, GMP facilities and universities.
    His career spans 20 years of international experience in sales & marketing, product development, R&D and QA for technical, consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
    He was co-founder of CanChew Biotechnologies (where he initiated multiple patents on chewing gum compositions comprising cannabinoids).
    In addition to his CEO position at CFM Pharma, he is co-founder, president and COO of APET Holding, co-founder and CTO of Axim Biotechnologies (USA and the Netherlands) and board member and partner of Sanammad Foundation (the Netherlands).

  • Prof. Li-Ming Gan – Board Director

    Li-Ming Gan is a professor and chief physician at the department of cardiology, Sahlgrenska Academy at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.
    Li-Ming joined AstraZeneca for 17 years ago and been responsible for the atherosclerosis and heart failure pipeline between 2007-2011.
    Between 2011-2013, he worked as a Translational Science Director to help bridging the early projects into the human setting by developing clinical biomarkers, performing explorative human target validation studies in the cardiovascular space.
    Since 2013, Li-Ming has been appointed as the Early Clinical Lead (CV)/Senior Director Physician in early clinical research unit and being responsible for phase 1 and 2 clinical programs within the cardiovascular area.
    To date, Li-Ming and his team has brought a number of projects from target ideas through preclinical translational research into clinical testing in areas of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and heart failure.
    Since June 2018, Li-Ming is a Chief Scientist within Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism IMED Biotech Unit.

  • Drs. Henk J.C. Meijerink – Chief Medical Officer

    Henk Meijerink (MSc Biochemistry) is a biochemist with extensive experience in starting up companies, assessing innovative and sustainable technologies and products, and executing the necessary steps to develop a product from start to finish.
    Henk has broad pharmaceutical knowledge and experience that encompasses medical indications (burn wounds / renal failure / dermatology / diabetes / wound healing / oral diseases / cardiology / metabolic diseases / psychiatric diseases) diagnostics, pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical development, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, orphan drugs and drug delivery.
    He invented and introduced FLOTEX-C, a unique oral controlled release drug delivery system that enhances drug safety and drug performance. He has a 8 patents in his name (including composition for treating wounds and burns, stabilised oxygen releasing composition and others).
    Henk is co-founder of CFM Pharma and fulfilled the position of CTO for several years. He is CTO of APeT, a company that he co-founded and that has developed the first biomarker test for psychiatric diseases and subsequent treatment with a proprietary drug for which he received funding for a clinical trial in ADHD and preparing reimbursement by a Dutch insurance company.

  • Ir. David Havenaar – Legal & Finance Director

    David Havenaar (MSc Mechanical Engineering) has comprehensive experience in setting up and managing businesses as COO and CFO.
    For CFM Pharma, he has co-created the business plan, investment proposals and has attracted investors and funding from within his business network. He set up the legal and financial structure for CFM Pharma including forecasting, P&L and financial administration.
    Earlier in his career, David Havenaar fulfilled European leadership positions with Ferro, Royal Sanders and Procter & Gamble before setting up his own consultancy in which he successfully focused on executing turn-around and restructuring operations for SME clients and start-ups.
    For one of these start-ups, he developed a company from scratch to a fully functional business with a full product portfolio and built a European distribution network structuring all aspects of the business and day-to-day operations.

  • Dr. Leifeng Cheng – Clinical Development Director

    Leifeng Cheng (PhD, Organic Chemistry, Msc) has built an extensive career in several leading, multinational pharmaceutical companies and close working relationships with biotech and CRO sectors.
    He has held -and holds- leadership positions for multiple disease portfolios as director for GSK, AstraZeneca and Sanofi. He initiated the establishment of open innovation (through multiple approaches driving early identification of key opportunities and implementation of R&D programs) both in a virtual setting at Sanofi and as expansion to the internal portfolio ag GSK.
    As experienced leader, Leifeng Cheng has delivered 5 candidate drugs into GLP toxicology testing and various clinical stages. He has in-depth knowledge of and experience with collaborative problem solving and leading multi-disciplinary teams.
    He has worked in a variety of disease areas (CV, GI, Oncology, liver diseases, Diabetes and chronical kidney diseases) and has extensive knowledge in medical chemistry, DMPK and the biological basis of a range of diseases.
    Leifeng Cheng has over 30 patents in his name, delivered scientific presentations at conferences in Europe and the USA and, together with fellow-scientists, worked on and published several research papers and articles

  • Liqun Zhao – Business Development Director

    Li Qun Zhao (Bsc, Industrial Management Engineering) has built her career as strategic marketing consultant and has held marketing positions with Lenovo and Proctor & Gamble in past years.
    She specialized in business development as secretary of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Entrepreneur Club (JMEC).
    Earlier in her career, Li Qun Zhao was associated with Shanghai YanHui Enterprise Development as investor, a position she held for seven years.


CFM Pharma has entered into partnerships with a number of private investors to raise the funding for its clinical development plan. In addition to this CFM has started collaborations with pharmaceutical companies for partnering into the development of some of its indications.

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